Anthony Reynolds organised his first exhibitions in the North West of England in 1969. In 1970 he staged what was then the largest exhibition of contemporary British photography, including over 400 works. In 1975 he was appointed arts officer for the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames and a year later Regional Art Officer for the Arts Council of Great Britain. After six years of supervising the distribution of grants to artists and artists organisations nationwide, in 1982 he entered the international arena with Collazione Inglese (sic) the first exhibition to take place in Venice as an autonomous intervention at the Biennale. This was repeated in 1984.

After three years operating as an artist's agency, Anthony Reynolds Gallery was established in a large space on the edge of the City of London in 1985.

Over the next 32 years, in three successive premises, the gallery has staged 230 exhibitions including the work of around 300 artists. We currently represent 20 artists and work directly with several others. Gallery artists have won over 100 major international awards and are represented internationally in dozens of important museum collections.

In 2015 we took the decision to adopt a new model and to maintain all the activities of a primary gallery but without a fixed exhibition space. Perhaps confusingly, this decision was based on a desire to improve artist visibility and exhibition opportunities. It allows us to collaborate with our professional colleagues in exhibiting artists in the best or most productive context for their work whether in terms of space, of programme, of geography or of clientele. This we also see as a way of encouraging a more flexible approach and a mutually beneficial economic model. We maintain a regular series of exhibitions, open to the public, promote the wider appreciation of the artists we represent and participate in several art fairs.

This is definitively not an occasional pop-up operation but a strategy for extending opportunities for artist and galleries alike, by sharing experience and resources, and for the viewing and collecting public by responding to a perceived growth in event culture, and the importance of difference within a homogenous practice. This project began in March 2015.

In addition to representing the gallery artists Anthony Reynolds and his staff offer their considerable expertise, connections and depth of knowledge of the art world of the past 40 years to serious clients forming, maintaining or refining a collection. We can often source the unattainable.

January 2017.